A city with Spice: Kochi!

It was time to enter into civilization after being locked up in nature; we headed towards Kochi which is about 2 hour’s drive from Alleppey, Kochi also known as Cochin. What I thought earlier was Kochi would be just like any other city, yes there was traffic, there were huge buildings; yet this city didn’t fail to impress me like any other place in Kerala. They still use the Chinese fishing nets for fishing which was built during 18th century and their major contribution is towards spice exports.


Our first stop was at Jewish synagogue which was built in 1568, we just had to take a look from out as it was closed. We later visited Folklore museum which has all the ancient antique pieces from all across India. My love towards antique pieces made us spend few hours in this place. Our last stop was at India’s largest shopping mall, Lulu Mall. Although not a big fan of malls just had to visit to see what the hype is all about. To see an amusement park, ice skating inside a mall definitely got me to surprise.




Wild Flower

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