Wooo-men’s Day!


Women who seek to be equal with Men lack ambition-Marilyn Monroe

Every year, it would be an alarm that it’s Women’s day because of my corporate jobs, usually there are events organized to celebrate this day. I have always been part of these events, only because I could get a chance to “Dance”. This year, I recently quit my job to “Live” and wasn’t really in a track with Women’s day celebrations. A week back, I received emails from one of my favorite stores with discounts coming up for the next week, I then realized it was Women’s day and they were celebrating by offering discounts.

I woke up today to a message from a friend sharing a blog post on Women’s Day, lying on my bed I was reading her post which made me think on few facts that has been bothering me from quite a while. Celebrating Women’s day, Feminism, Women Empowerment: All these terms that has been highly used in social media these days kept me wondering on why women has been put so much into limelight, why should we applaud a women only on Women’s day for her achievements, and why the same is not done for Men on Men’s day and does all these terms reach a woman somewhere in a village who still thinks how much ever I study, I still have to marry a man & wash vessels in his house! Even now, if I go to my village and ask any woman out there, they would answer the same. So what are we achieving here?

Women empowerment seems like a very powerful term but, are we really empowering women or putting the men down to show women are superior. This term is used (misused) so often lately, it makes us feel like women are weak and we need all the luxury & help to keep ourselves strong. These days in pubs, they have women’s night with complimentary drinks once a week, a bunch of men aren’t allowed very easily unless an entry fee is paid, but if a women is around the entrance would be free. Seriously, are you really demanding gender equality here or showing the world that women has to be treated good & only then they will empower?

Recently I was reading an article about Cancer; Prostate Cancer was something that shocked me, about 1.1 million men were diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2012 as per Statistics shown here. Why don’t we enough campaigns for Prostate Cancer?

If am able to write this now and able to stay strong with all the humiliation I have gone through for breaking the stereotypes, it would be all because of other women out there who stood as an inspiration to me and all the men who have been so supportive. Be it the activists who fights for rights, women who have stepped out of the house and broken stereotypes, women who have stayed strong who has been physically & mentally humiliated. A salute to you all, I am not against celebrating women’s day but I am just not for it either.

The day when we don’t have to fight for any rights either for women or men, the day when women & men are equally treated everywhere, the day every women & men does what they like to do! That day I will celebrate!


Wild Flower

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