A Girl by Gender, An Indian by Nationality! Grew up in Bangalore in an orthodox family, worked in a corporate job for 6+ years, realized my life should not be bound in a cubicle inhaling the air from AC ducts. Quit my job and now stepping into the world where there are no boundaries, inhaling the fresh air, feeding myself with the wanderlust! Come with me in my backpack?


And for sure enough even waiting will end…if you can just wait long enough.-William Faulkner While I was looking for a place to shoot after a very long break, it was totally worth the wait. Found this place close to my office, with an empty ploughed land, few coconut trees, tractor, pile of limestone powder, […]



There is no end to grief and there is no end to love!-Bono So Marriage! Rings a bell? Hell yeah, why wouldn’t it ring! There are lots of devotees who keep ringing this in my head; it feels like my head is stuck in one of those huge bells. My parents ring it, some of […]