This is ME!


A Girl by Gender, An Indian by Nationality! Grew up in Bengaluru, worked in a corporate job for 6+ years, realized my life should not be bound in a cubicle inhaling the air from AC ducts. Quit my job and now in the world where there are no boundaries, inhaling the fresh air, feeding myself with the wanderlust! It’s me Sneha Marappa presenting my travel stories, come with me in my backpack?

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Wild Flower

9 thoughts on “This is ME!

  1. I read somewhere “The only way to live life you deserve is to face your fears!! “. good quotes are just preserved, read and forgotten. only hand few really take risk to walk there dreams.. And you are one of them.
    When i met you first, i just saw you as any other Indian girl with responsibilities of household chores. As i grew closer to you, i was bewildered about the broad ideas and your views towards life… probably many girls would have this but hidden and killed even before light falls on those thoughts..
    My big salute to you, my girl.. for taking such a brave decision living amidst female discriminating society which judges us on our salary package and brand of the IT company we work with, social status of getting the Mrs. tag.. My love and support to you always..
    Take care and enjoy your travels and keep writing..
    And let me tell you, you are not just living your dreams… you are living the dreams of many other girls who wanted to live it and seeing those come alive through you..


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